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Renters FAQs

Where are your available rental properties listed?

All of our available properties are posted on this website, as soon as they are available. Different types of tenancies can be found under the Renters tab: short-term rentals, long-term rentals, winter rentals and vacation rentals. We ask that potential tenants do not call us, all properties are listed on the website as they become available.

What is the application process and MINIMUM APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS?

If a rental interests you please fill out an Inquiry Form found under each listing. If the property is still available we will contact you for a phone interview. If you meet our application criteria after the phone interview we will book an appointment with you to view the rental unit. After viewing we may send you an online application.



Scores of 600+ are required for all applicants. If any applicant(s) score is under 600, or credit is not established, additional requirements may be considered but does not guarantee approval.


Income for spouses and roommates may be combined to achieve 3x rental rate.


No rental history, or negative rental history older than 7 years may be considered with landlord consent.


Evictions or funds owed to landlord in the past 7 years will be cause for immediate denial. Utility balances still unpaid will be cause for immediate denial. Current/recent late payments on vehicles, credit cards, etc will be cause for immediate denial. Foreclosures or bankruptcies in last 5 years will be cause for immediate denial. Most medical and education debt will not hurt your application.


Will I sign a tenancy agreement?

Yes, all tenants must sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement. The agreement includes all standard terms of the Residential Tenancy Act. You will also sign a lease acknowledgement form, emergency and maintenance instructions and agree that you have acquired tenant’s insurance.

South Okanagan Property Management advises you to obtain independent legal advice to review the tenancy documents.

What are the different types of tenancy agreements?


Please pay close attention to the first page of your tenancy agreement that is titled “Rental Period and Terms of Tenancy”:

Fixed Term to Month-to-Month: Your fixed term end date is the date at which you are expected to reside in the property. You are liable for the rent in the property until this end date. After the fixed term end date the tenancy will revert to month-to-month. Once the tenancy reverts to month-to-month at least one month’s notice is required if you are vacating the property. The tenancy applies to the property, therefore, if the property sells during your tenancy, you do not have to move before the end of the fixed term. If the tenancy is in a month-to-month situation you can be given two month’s notice and one month free rent if the landlord or purchaser wishes to occupy the property.

Fixed Term Must Vacate: This tenancy means you must vacate at the end of the fixed term date. The property owner or a close family member will be moving into the property.

Month-to-Month: The tenancy is on a month-to-month basis and there is no fixed term end date. You are expected to give one month’s notice that you will be vacating. If the landlord or a buyer wishes to move-in you will be given two month’s notice and one month’s free rent.

South Okanagan Property Management advises you to obtain independent legal advice to review the tenancy documents.

How much are security and pet deposits?

As per the Residential Tenancy Act a security deposit can be one-half month’s rent. A pet deposit, if pets are allowed, is also one-half month’s rent

What is a “Conditional Move-In Inspection Report”?

The report is completed with your property manager at the start of tenancy. We record all of the pre-existing damage before you move into the property, so you are not penalized for that damage at the end of tenancy. Your property manager will email you the inspection report, for your records.

How often can a landlord increase my rent?

A landlord can only increase rent one time per year. The Government of British Columbia issues the allowable percentage amount. You must be given three whole month’s notice of the rental increase.

Do you perform inspections throughout my tenancy?

Yes, South Okanagan Property Management will usually inspect the property, at minimum, every three months. You will be given proper notice.

What if there is a repair needed at my rental?

Please submit a “Work Order Request” form on this website, for non-emergencies. For emergencies please call 250.485.9935 and listen for emergency instructions.

Do I need tenant’s insurance?

Yes, tenant’s insurance is a mandatory requirement of your tenancy.

Can I sublet the rental unit?

You must have your landlord’s permission to sublet. Subletting is usually not permitted.

What are the expectations when I move-out?

South Okanagan Property Management will send you a detailed cleaning checklist to prepare the unit for move-out inspection. The unit must be fully, deeply cleaned. The rental unit also must have all damage you have caused repaired, beyond normal wear and tear.

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